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Heating incubator-Forced air

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From RT+5~80℃


The PID controller, with colourful touch screen, clearly shows in every moment the temperature set and that oneinside as well as other parameters.
The forced air circulation, guarantees a perfect air replacement andhomogeneity of temperature in every parts of the chamber.


●Colourful touch screen controller.

●304 stainless steel,mirror polishing processing,easy to clean and maintain.

●The fan is forced-air convection, with good temperature uniformity and two levels power to shift automatic.

●The shelf design of anti-tilting to avoid the accidents when pulling out the shelves.

●With high-precision thermal temperature sensor,high measuring accuracy and control stable.

●With reserved test hole,the temperature in working chamber can be detected accurately.

●With limited temperature alarm system.

●Programming setting function with 7 periods and 9 steps for each period, which means there are 63 programmable steps in total. (option)

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