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Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Anticorrosion

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V series diaphragm vacuum pump anticorrosion is a medium for the gas two-stage pump, all with the gas contact part, are PTFE (PTFE) material, corrosion resistance, wide range of applications, can completely replace the water circulation pump, Suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries on the treatment of corrosive gases, such as filtration, vacuum distillation, rotary evaporation, vacuum concentration, centrifugal concentration, solid phase extraction and so on.


Anti-strong chemical corrosion

● Anticorrosion vacuum pump using a special diaphragm (diaphragm surface composite PTFE coating) and pump head design, including all joints and piping to ensure that the contact with the gas part of the imported PTFE material, so Resistant to most of the corrosive gas; at the same time electrical switches and shells are also anti-corrosion treatment, especially for the transmission mechanism and the circuit part of the use of corrosion-resistant materials to form a confined space, and the external environment completely isolated, so that the vacuum pump is not only corrosive media, But also perfect for corrosive environment, completely solve the vacuum pump chemical corrosion problems.

No pollution, maintenance

● Diaphragm vacuum pump can be fully recovered solvent to eliminate toxic and harmful organic solvents on the environment pollution and operation And the health of nearby people, even if the mixed solvent can be highly recyclable; diaphragm pump is a dry oil-free dry pump, so that the laboratory becomes clean and quiet, the user does not need regular cleaning, changeover, change the water And other maintenance work, the diaphragm vacuum pump to do 100% maintenance-free.

Low noise, low vibration

● Anticorrosion vacuum pump using electric Direct drive power transmission, no intermediate transmission parts, coupled with the diaphragm low stroke, low noise characteristics, so the product noise can be maintained at 70dB below.

Overheat protection

● All V series are equipped with temperature protection switch, when the body When the temperature is too high will automatically shut down, wait for the temperature after cooling and then start to ensure the stability of the system work and security.

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