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Magnetic stirrer -Square platform

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The magnetic stirrer rotates the rotor through the rotation of the base, realizes the mixing of the liquid and solid mixture. During stirring, it comes with platform heating, which control temp stable and speed up the rate of mixing or solid solution, and improve the reaction speed of chemical experiments. It is widely used in biology, medicine, chemistry and other fields.

Humanization design

● LCD screen ,menu operation interface, temp, rotation speed and count down timer etc parameters display at one screen. It is easy to understand and operate.
● Micro computer control assures the speed remains stable with constantly changing stirring viscosity.
● Stirring speed is controlled and stable, it can fast achieve liquid mixing and solution and solid mixture mixing .
● Aluminium die-cast housing cover, high temperature-resistant and anticorrosion, easy to clean.
● Platform is made of one molding aluminium alloy materials. It has both good thermal effect, but also have corrosion resistance, smooth platform is easy to clean, no contaminants stay.
● Large output torque, suitable for mixing low viscosity large capacity or high viscosity small capacity liquid.(Different types of different capacities)
● There is a corrosion-resistant guide groove above the control panel, even if the liquid overflows during stirring, it doesn’t cause damage to the electronics in the agitator.

Safety protection

● 50% increase in temperature tolerance with the latest optocoupler materials.
● Temperature deviation protection: 09A/B series measured temperature over set temperature certain value(0 ℃ -30 ℃ ), it stops heating.
● Extreme ultra-temp. protection: When platform temp is over set temp, it stop heating power.
● Anti-hot warming light: 09A/B series platform temp. over 55℃ , warming light flash to remind user can’t touch the platform.
● Special protection: Anti- hot cover (Option)

Ceramic magnetic stirrer classification

●Constant temp. magnetic stirrer: BM- 07A and BM-09A series with outer temp. sensor, it can detects and controls liquid temp. in the container, precise and reliable.
● Heating magnetic stirrer:BM-09B series platform temp. max reach 400℃

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