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CO2 incubator

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From RT+5~50℃


The CO2 incubator is the ideal instruments for immunology,oncology genetics and bio engineering. It is widely applicable for research and production of microorganism,agricultural science and pharmacology.


●Air jacker heater(water jacket heater can be choosed)

●Colorful touch screen controller,temperature,CO2 concentration,humidity (option) and other parameters shows visual.

●The curves of temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration can be viewed.

●HEPA filter(option).

●With 90°C moist heat decontamination function.(UV disinfection is optional)● IR sensor,real-time real measured of CO2 concentration.

●In forced convection mode, the power of fan is adjustable.

●It has outer door heating function to prevent produce condensation on the glass door.

●Independent temperature-limiting protection system to avoid temperature out of control if temperature control system failure.

●Professional CO2 pressure-relief valve with 2-stage control and stable pressure.

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